Electron Freedom aims to progress the development of solar energy and increase job opportunities in the field of solar energy in all the tribal communities in the United States. Since 2010, the national Tribal Program of Grid Alternative has been working to aid tribal communities in the whole of the United States to reach their goals in the field of renewable energy. Members of the tribal community have also been given opportunities for training and education to work in solar energy companies’ workforce.

In the latter part of 2018, GRID announced the launching of Electron Freedom to provide financial support to speed up the progress of developing novel solar projects in the tribal communities of the United States. One of the major supporters of GRID since 2012 is Well Fargo. Wells Fargo supports the launch of the fund committing 5 million dollars in 3 years.

Tribal people lead electron Freedom with the initiative to provide new financial support to several tribes in the country to support their capital needs for projects in renewable energy. The fund gives grants to the projects whose goal is to build and develop renewable energy infrastructures, specifically on projects that focus on solar energy in the tribal communities that are realistic, cost-effective, and bring the tribal community together.

The definition of renewable energy is “the ability to prepare, anticipate, and adapt to the varying conditions and withstand, act, and stand up again in case of sudden disruptions.” In the Indian society, particularly in the tribal communities, there is a great deal of resilience, most especially when it comes to cultural, environmental, educational spaces, economic, and most recently, renewable energy infrastructures. 

Since the year 2018, Electron Freedom has given many tribes, families, and communities new renewable energy infrastructures. Because of this, the tribal communities can now benefit from renewable energy sources both directly and indirectly.