Electron Freedom has federally-acknowledged designated community members. These members are truly interested, engaged, and invested in tasks that support renewable energy infrastructures and energy capacity development in the organization’s communities.

Electron Freedom has a fellowship that provides five thousand dollar grants and any other rewards to the selected winners that develop and support innovative ideas and problem-solving processes leading to efficient renewable energy resolutions.

Here are our 2020 Energy freedom selected members:

Charity Mendez

Her fellowship goal is to generate solar power sources for lighting, audio, and cooking, especially in a native garden. Directors highly appreciated these initiatives for their resourcefulness and achievability. She is a member of the turtle mountain from Belcourt and a descendant of the White Earth tribe of Minnesota. 

Vincent Rio

His fellowship dream is to invent desktop frameworks and studies that could spread awareness and information about renewable energy strategies and implementations more easily and understandably. 

Dany Johnson

His fellowship objective is to plan some training and solar curriculums that provide Navajo Reservations and Navajo Chapters education. These places are situated near power or mining plant sites. Executives appreciate Dany’s initiative because of its timeliness and applicability. The solar curriculum is especially underestimated due to its costs. Still, the organization could most probably make it successful through its collective efforts.

Tara Warner

Her Fellowship goal is to develop some tribal-owned and focused solar businesses. This is to encourage more solar innovations within the organization and capitalizing solar facilities to earn more revenues. Meanwhile, her fellowship activities include development, planning, and implementation of operations and maintenance training for GRID tribal partners. 

Sarah Brown

Her fellowship objective is to develop something that will combine the new engineering degree AA program and the renewable energy course. The process of incorporating these helpful and modern programs can be achieved through a smart grid laboratory at Indian College.