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Free Electrons Launches Second Edition of Its Global Startup Acceleration Programimage


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Opening up the utility world to the startups, providing them with a global customer base, accelerating deal execution with the utilities, that’s what Free Electrons is all about. I can’t think of a better opportunity for a startup operating in this space.

Luis Manuel Profile Photo

Luis Manuel

Executive Board Member,
EDP Innovation

SP Group is committed to providing a high quality, sustainable lifestyle for customers. We are excited to partner respected international utilities and experienced accelerators, who have extensive innovation and R&D experience, to support promising start-ups around the world. Together we can develop transformational energy solutions to provide customers with more choices, and help them to save energy and cost.

May Liew Profile Photo

May Liew

Vice President, Strategic Development,
SP Group

Dubai is at the centre of a region that is emerging as a major force in the global economy, and it is seen as a leader in promoting innovation, sustainability and economic diversity. Dubai is keen to encourage collaboration between the public and private sectors to achieve a green economy. Public-private partnerships are key to this, as is the goal to make Dubai a global hub for green finance and a green economy.

His Excellency Saeed Mohamed Al Tayer Profile Photo

His Excellency Saeed Mohamed Al Tayer

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority

TEPCO is excited to work with all of the global utilities and startups participating in the Free Electrons program. We value the opportunity to learn from their innovative business models and technologies, and hope to leverage these learnings for the benefit of our customers.

Takafumi Anegawa Profile Photo

Takafumi Anegawa

President of TEPCO Research Institute,

Origin sees the enormous potential of combining the best ideas with those companies capable of delivering them at significant scale. By leveraging all the expertise of the many partners involved we are confident extraordinary outcomes will be reached.

Anthony Lucas Profile Photo

Anthony Lucas

Executive General Manager, Future Energy and Business Development,
Origin Energy

We are excited about the prospect of working with a pool of startups from across the world, learn from them and offer them the opportunity to trial and develop their products/services in Ireland and the UK. At ESB we are very focused on bringing new cutting edge solutions to our customer base.

Jerry O'Sullivan Profile Photo

Jerry O'Sullivan

ESB Deputy Chief Executive,
ESB (Electricity Supply Board)

We are passionate about helping entrepreneurs bring their technologies, ideas and products to the global marketplace, and look forward to mentoring them as they turn their energy start-ups into viable businesses that enable us to transform the energy industry globally.

Chad Hymas Profile Photo

Chad Hymas

Executive General Manager,
AusNet Services

We started Free Electrons because there is a deep need in our industry to access and source innovation. Free Electrons therefore has a very transaction-oriented approach – generating deals between startups and corporates is the prime objective of Free Electrons. We therefore assembled a unique consortium of innovative utilities that spend billions every year in running and transforming energy systems globally.

Florian Kolb Profile Photo

Florian Kolb

Managing Director,
Innogy New Ventures LLC

It's a perfect match - smart startup ideas meet a transforming corporate that is re-inventing itself and has established lean and agile structures that speak “startup” and “corporate” language alike. We can help startups scale fast; startups can help us with the best possible products. We go outside to innovate from within.

Stefan Padberg Profile Photo

Stefan Padberg

Managing Director,
Innogy New Ventures LLC

Free Electrons is all about harnessing potential and generating innovation, while learning in that process! This is a great opportunity for utilities from 10 different geographies to come together and create something unique, tapping into the power that startups are already generating in several different industries. For us, it’s a unique chance to demonstrate, yet again, our vision of how innovation will stem from partnerships between startups & corporates, and how it will become the new normal.

Manuel Tânger Profile Photo

Manuel Tânger

Co-Founder & Chief Open Innovation Officer,